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Lenses for Glasses 

Stirling Optical offers quality solutions for every prescription lens requirement. We have a comprehensive range of lens designs, materials and coatings. Modern lens materials, allied to computer-based design, mean that we can provide superb visual clarity, durability and a fantastic cosmetic appeal which can really make the most of your new spectacles.

Single vision lenses are the simplest of spectacle lenses. They correct one eye sight problem and can be used to correct reading, computer screens or distance vision. Varifocal lenses are designed to negate the need for multiple pairs of glasses and combine the range of powers in one progressive lens. 

Reflection free lenses provide clearer, sharper vision with greater contrast, but are also more attractive and comfortable to wear. The multi-layer coating can reduce eye fatigue and will also make your lenses more resistant to scratches.

We will guide you through the lens option best suited for you and are happy to change any lens design choice within 60 days of purchase if you desire.




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